Here is one of our newest models being displayed at the BIGGEST MALL IN THE WORLD.  Our 2K19 model has been picked to be used in the Nike Store at Dubai Mall.  They offer a full custom experience using our machine.  The social increase for promotion is huge when you use our new hydro dip machine.  Whether doing trade shows or just want a clean piece of equipment to work at your shop watch this video and see our superior quality.

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What is Hydrographics?

Hydrographics , also known as hydro-dippingimmersion printing or water transfer printing
is a method of applying PVA film with unique printed designs to three-dimensional substrates.
Some of the common surfaces include: metal, plastic, glass, and hardwood.

Hydro Dipping Tanks | Hydrographics Dip Tank

Welcome to the Hydro Dip Store we are always striving to make our hydro dipping tanks more efficient and user friendly.  This is done by constantly tweaking and adding new hydrographic tank features.  Innovation is a major focus for us as we develop and design new functionality with every tank we make.  These stainless steel hydro dip tanks are constructed out of Phoenix Arizona a city know for its industrial community.  Only the best 304 Stainless Steel on our hydrographics tanks to ensure stability and longevity.  Because of that we honor a 5 year warranty on any of our stainless steel hydro dip tanks.  We have sold over 100 hydro dip tanks in the past year and our quality cannot be beat!



Why Pay More For An Old Outdated Hydrographics Tank?

The old style requires an internal filter area to heat the water before it passes through the spray bar.  In addition the external filter area is unusable for hydro dipping.  By removing the filter area we added 6-8 more inches of dip space back into the hydrographics tank.  Along with our dip tanks we include a smart PID controller with certain dip tank kit packages.  Unlike other hydro dip tanks our controller is programmed to stay on and  monitor the temperature of your dip tank to keep it hot.  This allows you to set your temperature the night before so you come to work with a hot tank ready to dip.


Hydro Dip Kits | Hydrograhic Film | Hydro Dipping Kits

Hydro Dipping Kits are a great way to try out the process and design your own custom pieces.  You can get a hydro dip kit with three types of activator depending on your level of comfort.  Our standard hydro dipping kits come in an aerosol activator can.  This does not require you to have a HVLP spray gun.  Our other two hydro dipping activator options come in a liquid form.  We use hydrovator which is very user friendly and easy to use.  You can purchase a quart of activator or a gallon of activator with our hydro dip kits.  In addition our hydro dipping kits also come with a variety of hydrographic film.  We have a hydro dip kit for all levels of hydro dipping so don’t be afraid to fill out a custom request if you need help.  We are here to help you produce quality hydro dipped items.  We have hundreds of hydro dipping films available and there are always new ones we continually add to the site.

Get All Your Hydrographic Dipping Supplies In One Place!

The last item to complete your hydro dipping kit if you don’t go the aerosol route is a set of HVLP guns.  We offer a 3 gun set which comes with a 1.8pt, 1.4pt, and 1.0pt tip.  Using an HVLP spray gun will increase the quality of your product.  An HVLP spray gun will atomize better and lay down your coatings more efficiently and uniform.  Leaving you with a smooth finish.  Our last set of guns is a step up to a Devilbiss 2 gun HVLP set.  The Devilbiss 2 gun set also comes with a DeKups system.  The DeKups system is a disposable system helping keep your gun clean and also helping to reduce clean up after spraying.  If you have some of the items already and only need a certain item please send us a custom request so we can help you customize your hydro dipping kit.

Hydrographics is among the fastest-growing industries in recent years and will revolutionize custom coating services all over the world. The innovative hydro dip process can be applied to almost anything, ranging from automotive parts to sporting goods and all in-between. Your vision is the key to countless hydrographics applications, and our top-tier products and equipment will help you realize it.

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