Can You Fix A Bad Dip?


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As you learn and become a better hydro dipper there will be dips that have issues.  Whether you see spotting in the pattern or you just ran out of film and missed a spot things can happen.  Not to worry.  Our first rule when it comes to a bad dip is easy.  WHEN IN DOUBT PULL IT OUT.  If you aren’t 100% sure your film is ready do not dip that piece.  Let me give you a real example I know happens all the time.  You prepped the part and got it all ready for dip.  You just laid your piece of film in the water.  You are sitting pretty just waiting to lay down some activator.  Then it hits you, “My spray gun isn’t plugged into the compressor!”  You run over to plug it in and the timer goes off for 60 second soak time(recommended).  You fumble with it and finally get your spray gun connected.  Now you’re ready to spray, but your film has been soaking for 80 seconds…..what do you do?  DON’T DO IT!  It is not worth it.  Film cost is low and pulling a piece to replace it with a new fresh piece will not kill your bank account.  Dipping in a bad scenario when you know you shouldn’t will cost you TIME and MONEY!  Here’s what you do.  First off, even though the dip did not turn out well you still have to rinse the item.  You do not need to scuff it back down to the base of the item either.  You wipe down your item with isopropyl alcohol 91-99%.  This will wipe off the pattern so you can apply a new base coat.  If the pattern is being stingy you can also use a maroon scuff pad to remove it.  If it doesn’t come all the way off get as much as you can.  Once you have most if not all of the previous pattern removed you lay another light base coat on top.    Once the base coat dries you are ready to dip again!

Hopefully this will help make a better decision next time you find yourself in a situation.

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