HYDRO DIP TIPS – What type of paint should I be using?

Hydro Dip Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrographics

Hello everyone we are going to start sharing some best practices, tips , techniques and much more.  We want to help everyone have the information needed to properly hydro dip.  If you would like us to cover any topics please message us and we will look into your questions.

First question I want to start with is, “1. What type of paint should I be using?”

When hydro dipping you want to use automotive grade base coats, and clear coats.  You can also use automotive grade and sandable primers.  Hydro Dip coatings can be solvent-based or water-based.  There are two ways automotive grade paint is usually sold.  One way is to sell it “ready to spray” which will take the guess work out of mixing any paint.  You can pour that straight into your spray gun.  The other way when  you get familiar is 1:1 which will need to be thinned out and mixed.  You can save some money by mixing your own paint.  We can help you choose what type of paints will work best in your area.  We carry everything you need so if you’re not sure just ask!

*Note: Please check local regulations on paints before use, as certain types may be prohibited in your area.

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