Control Box SS

Specifications and Features

Electrical Output:
110V Power  |  20 AMP Plug

Stainless Steel Enclosure 12″ X 7″ X 4″

TIG Welded Seams with Face Plate
Electrical Smart Control Box
Master Switch for Manual Shut Off
External 4 Fuse Access
2 Switch Controlled Junction Box
Low Flo Fan for Continuous Use
Blue LED Name Display
660V 25A Rotary Cam Changeover Switch
Simple 3 Switch Controller linked to dual plug junction box
PID Fahrenheit Temperature Controller with Omron Relay
External Temperature Probe with Multiple temperature sensors
Accuracy of displaying and controlling with Omron relay
Self-adjusting function and intelligent control of the instrument to ensure the long-term stability

*Optional hands free foot sweep pre-wired into the controller.  Sold separately to be used with our Smart Controller & THE BOX SS Controller.  

After dip or rinse you are able to trigger a sensor to turn on the pump for filtering or rinse for spraying.  Please call with any additional questions about our hands free system.